The band with the one-letter name:  X.  John Doe‘s voice, huge on its own, combines perfectly with Exene Cervenka‘s barely on-key crooning. Toss in some punk-a-billy guitar riffs from smiling Billy Zoom and a dash of DJ Bonebreak’s beats to hold it all together, and you have a blue ribbon winning recipe. True Love. Eat it right from the can.

The Poster

A can of whoop-ass. Just because. The image of the can was scanned from an old copy of Popular Mechanics from the late 50s or so and altered/customized for the mini-poster.

Fonts used: Hellenic Wide (one of my faves) & Kraftwerk (Now Liquorstore) (by fellow-Minneapolitan, Chank Diesel)

This is mini-poster #5 out of 50. One every other day + a blog post about each. For a rundown on this project, go here. I’ve also created a Spotify playlist where I am adding tracks from each of the bands as I create their Mini-posters. Subscribe to it here. Follow me on Instagram to see in-progress work on the mini-posters.



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