I’ll be honest, the process for this mini-poster was a bit bass-ackwards. I started by playing around in Photoshop with an image of a woman from an old Popular Mechanics (a favorite source of mine), just experimenting and trying weird things, and before I knew it I had an image that I was diggin’ and thinking should be a mini-poster. But for which band? I sifted through a list of bands I had brainstormed a while back and tested a few in the layout. The Flaming Lips seemed to fit the best given the surreal quality of the image. I pushed the psychedelic factor a bit further, and when I got tired of working on it I shipped it out. This process would rarely fly with client work, but since I am my own client I can get away with it this time around.

Now about the band…

Soft Bulletin remains one of my desert island albums. The sound and the production of that album blew me away when I first heard it. I read somewhere that they purposefully tried to steer away from using guitars in the instrumentation to push outside their comfort zone and explore new ground. Whether that’s true or not, the result is an amazing record.

The Poster

I think I covered that already. It’s a weird one. Font used: Magnum (free).

This is mini-poster #9 out of 50. One every other day + a blog post about each. For a rundown on this project, go here. I’ve also created a Spotify playlist where I am adding tracks from each of the bands as I create their Mini-posters. Subscribe to it here. Follow me on Instagram to see in-progress work on the mini-posters.

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