Mini Music Poster #2 honors one of my all-time favorite bands, Seattle’s Young Fresh Fellows.

Led by Scott McCaughey, who has also played with R.E.M. (see Mini Music Poster #1), The Baseball Project, and Minus 5, the Fellows’ play loud, boisterous guitar pop that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with songs like Hillbilly Drummer Girl, Amy Grant, Rock & Roll Pest Control, and Taco Wagon.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with Scott McCaughey in Seattle in 2005 (pictured below) at the CD release for This One’s for the Fellows: A Sonic Salute to The Young Fresh Fellows where a bunch of bands paid tribute to the Fellows. (The Fellows actually opened the show! How unpretentious and fucking cool is that?!?)

Sonic Salute to the Young Fresh Fellows

A Sonic Salute to the Young Fresh Fellows. From left to right, Scott McCaughey, Walter Salas-Humara, Eric Kassel.


Here’s my rendition of How Much About Last Night Do You Remember from the CD.

My band The Whirligigs also did a cover of My Friend Ringo, which was written by the late Charlie Chesterman of Scruffy The Cat fame:


The Fellows toured with my favorite band of all time, The Replacements, back in the late 80s and are opening two shows on the Mats’ reunion circuit starting tonight in Seattle and tomorrow in Portland. I’m kicking myself for not making the trip out, but sadly, it wasn’t in the cards for me.

The Poster

A poster for the fellows would have to be a little tongue in cheek. My first inclination was to do something with dark sunglasses as an image, as Scott is rarely seen without his trademark shades, and they then morphed into to those X-Ray glasses that you see in old comic books. This made me think of the ads from the pages of Popular Mechanics magazines from the 50s and 60s, which I’ve always loved to page through for inspiration. So I dug out the dozen or so magazines that I have in my studio for inspiration and started scanning. I then created my own page of advertisements, using lyrics pulled from the Fellow’s songs and other references to them and their music. It gave me a good reason to use too many fonts (for authenticity’s sake).

Fonts used: Futura, Baskerville, Century Gothic, Paralucent, Univers, House Slant, Sign Painter, Chicken Basket, Hamburger Menu

The mini-poster features several references to this song:

This is mini-poster #2 out of 50. For a rundown on this project, go here. I’ve also created a Spotify playlist where I am adding tracks from each of the bands as I create their Mini-posters. Subscribe to it here.



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