The Violent Femmes‘ self-titled cassette was in constant rotation on my Sony Walkman for a good chunk of my formative years. Many years later, a band I was playing guitar in opened up for the Femmes at an outdoor festival in Wisconsin, their home state. After our set, I was backstage having a beer when Brian Ritchie walked past me toward the stage, dragging his standup bass. “Good luck,” I said as he passed. A snide “I don’t need luck” was his reply. “In that case, fuck you, you horse’s ass,” is what I would have said if I wasn’t one of those people who only thinks of a clever comeback hours, sometimes days, in this case, years after it should have been delivered.

The Poster

The mini-poster serves as a very, very late visual comeback. Font used: Blackout Noon.

This is mini-poster #9 out of 50. One every other day + a blog post about each. For a rundown on this project, go here. I’ve also created a Spotify playlist where I am adding tracks from each of the bands as I create their Mini-posters. Subscribe to it here. Follow me on Instagram to see in-progress work on the mini-posters.

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