Little Man “BLVD” Music Video Design, Motion

I directed, shot, designed, and animated the music video and artwork for Little Man’s song “BLVD.”

DiscProfile Seasons Greetings Video
DiSC Holiday Animation Design, Motion

A 3D animation sent out to and customers and clients. DiSC is a behavior assessment tool which centers…

Konica Minolta AeroRemote Explainer Video Motion

Explainer video for Konica Minolta’s AeroRemote software.

3M PPS Painter’s Story Video Motion

Video to announce a new version of 3M’s Paint Preparation System (PPS) cups. Automotive painters LOVE this thing. The campaign…

We Are Napster Motion, Sound

Rhapsody is now Napster. I created this short animated video to announce their brand consolidation.

Rhapsody On The Record Motion

An ongoing series of videos I edit for Rhapsody’s social media channels where artists talk about their favorite records of all…

Rhapsody Live Motion

An ongoing series of live music videos I edit for Rhapsody’s website and social media channels.

cover me impressed video thumbnail
Cover Me Impressed Promo Video Motion

A short, pro-bono motion graphics piece created to promote the Cover Me Impressed benefit concert in Minneapolis.

Rhapsody Kids Preview Video still frame
Rhapsody Kids Preview Video Motion

A sneak preview of Rhapsody Kids, a new feature in the Rhapsody iOS and Android apps geared towards kid-users.

Rhapsody – The Music You Love Motion

A brand video created for Rhapsody.

Oracle ReSA Video Motion

Short promotional video created for Oracle to promote their Retail Sales Audit (ReSA) software at trade shows. The client wanted…

University of Minnesota Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Videos Motion

A series of videos introducing the team of physicians at the University of Minnesota’s Blood and Marrow Transplant Program.

Martin Devaney Over My Shoulder Music Video Motion, Sound

Official music video for Martin Devaney’s “Over My Shoulder.”

Empty Nest Still
Empty Nest Motion, Sound

A short film created for Still Motion’s Big Shots contest. It won!

bswing make tomorrow matter timelapse video still
bswing Make Tomorrow Matter Timelapse Motion

A timelapse video created to promote bswing events. Done while at bswing.

bswing make tomorrow matter video still
bswing Make Tomorrow Matter Video Motion

A short promotional video for bswing.

Twig The Fairy
Twig The Fairy Kickstarter Video Motion

A video created to promote Twig The Fairy’s Kickstarter campaign.

RJS Software Explainer Videos Design, Motion

A series of videos to explain RJS Software’s product offerings.

MN Energy Challenge Video Design, Motion

An animated video to promote energy savings in the home.

PBS American Photography Show Titles Motion

Motion Graphics for the 1999 documentary, American Photography: A Century of Images. Done while at Popular Front.