Okay, here we go. I’m going to give the 100 Day Project a crack, starting today. I’m hoping to design 50 Mini Music Posters in 100 days. (There’s no way I could pull off one per day, and I’m not completely certain one every other day is very realistic.) Here’s the I’ll pick a different band for each, one that inspired me in some way, design a quick poster for them, and post it to Instagram. They won’t all be finished, highly polished works of art. In fact, I expect some to totally suck.

In addition, I’ll write a short blog post telling a quick story about each.

They’ll all be square since that’s the Instagram format, so they’ll probably look a little more like album covers than posters. I plan to explore multiple styles and mediums, from collage to illustration to 3D (like the poster above), and I expect to stretch myself outside my comfort zone with some mediums I’m not as used to.

Why did I pick mini rock posters when I could have picked something a lot easier to pull off, like taking a photo every day or something like that? Because I really feel a need to get back to doing more illustrative, visual design like I used to do. For the past several years of my career I’ve been doing mostly UX & UI design. This seemed like a good way to work some of those design muscles that I haven’t used as much lately.

Anyway, wish me luck. Here goes nothing.

Oh, and follow me on Instagram to see them all.



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