Rock For The Rules Volume 2
#Sound / Artist Various / Role Executive Producer, Producer, Engineer, Musician
Cover art by Pat Moriarity
Cover art by Pat Moriarity

Rock For The Rules Volume 2 is the second musical love letter to former Turf Club luminary and Twin Cities music figure, Leah Rule. The album features songs from over 50 midwest artists. Proceeds go to her husband, Rob Rule, to help pay down medical expenses incurred during Leah’s two-year battle with cancer. The artist Pat Moriarity generously provided the cover art illustration. To help promote the release, I also created a music video for Martin Devaney’s song “Over My Shoulder”, a touching tribute to Leah, which we debuted at the Turf Club listening party on the one-year anniversary of her death.

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Eric Kassel appears on the following tracks:

producer, recording engineer, vocals, guitar, keyboards

producer, songwriter, guitar, vocals


producer, recording engineer, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

co-producer, recording engineer, guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals

guitar solo