The Replacements – Dead Man’s Pop Promotional Video 3D, Design, Motion

Promotional video made for The Replacements’ release of the Dead Man’s Pop box set.

Little Man “BLVD” Music Video 3D, Design, Motion

I directed, shot, designed, and animated the music video and artwork for Little Man’s song “BLVD.”

DiscProfile Seasons Greetings Video
DiSC Holiday Animation 3D, Design, Motion

A 3D animation sent out to and customers and clients. DiSC is a behavior assessment tool which centers…

Konica Minolta AeroRemote Explainer Video Motion

Explainer video for Konica Minolta’s AeroRemote software.

3M PPS Painter’s Story Video 3D, Design, Motion

Video to announce a new version of 3M’s Paint Preparation System (PPS) cups. Automotive painters LOVE this thing. The campaign…

We Are Napster Design, Motion, Sound

Rhapsody is now Napster. I created this short animated video to announce their brand consolidation.

cover me impressed video thumbnail
Cover Me Impressed Promo Video Motion

A short, pro-bono motion graphics piece created to promote the Cover Me Impressed benefit concert in Minneapolis.

Rhapsody Kids Preview Video still frame
Rhapsody Kids Preview Video 3D, Design, Motion

A sneak preview of Rhapsody Kids, a new feature in the Rhapsody iOS and Android apps geared towards kid-users.

Rhapsody – The Music You Love 3D, Design, Motion

A brand video created for Rhapsody.

100 Day Project Day 1- Mini Music Poster
Mini Music Posters (Personal Project) Design

A selection of some of my favorites from an on-going project of rapidly designing what I’m calling mini music posters. These…

Talent Gear Website Homepage
Talent Gear Brand & e-Commerce Website Design

Brand Development & Responsive e-commerce site for Talent Gear.

Martin Devaney Over My Shoulder Music Video Motion, Sound

Official music video for Martin Devaney’s “Over My Shoulder.”

bswing website
bswing website Design

Website for digital marketing and product design firm, bswing.

Empty Nest Still
Empty Nest Motion

A short film created for Still Motion’s Big Shots contest. It won!

Twig The Fairy
Twig The Fairy Kickstarter Video Motion

A video created to promote Twig The Fairy’s Kickstarter campaign.

The Whirligigs Last Call Album Art
The Whirligigs Last Call Design, Sound

The album Last Call by Minneapolis band The Whirligigs.

The Digit opening titles stil
The Digit Title Music Sound

Music composed and recorded for the opening titles of the short film, The Digit, by Edward Linder.

RJS Software Explainer Videos Design, Motion

A series of videos to explain RJS Software’s product offerings.

RJS Software Website Design

Website for RJS Software.

MN Energy Challenge Video Design, Motion

An animated video to promote energy savings in the home.

CEE Website
CEE Rebrand & Website Design

Center for Energy and Environment website.

Martin Devaney The West End LP Art Front
Martin Devaney ~ The West End LP Design

Artwork for Martin Devaney’s The West End LP.

Snowdays Website
Snowdays Design

We set out to create a memorable online holiday greeting to Popular Front’s clients that differentiated our brand. We didn’t expected it to…

Tofte Website
Tofte Project Design

Popular Front was hired to help tell the complex story of an epic sustainable design project on the North Shore of…

Target Cinema Red Design

When Target decided to launch a website devoted to movies and DVDs, they enlisted Popular Front as their strategic and maintenance…

Moviestars Front Cover
Moviestars LP Design

Album cover design for the short-lived Minneapolis band Moviestars.

Old Work Design

A collection of design work from the good ol’ days. Just because.