In honor of their upcoming (as of this writing) gig in at the Pantages Theater here in Minneapolis, I designed this Mini Music Poster for one of my favorite bands of all time, Yo La Tengo. I love everything this band does, from the quiet and hauntingly beautiful ballads to the raucous, boisterous, feedback-laded, cacophonous post rock.  One of the best bands in the world in my opinion.

The Poster

I started as I always do, by gathering up a handful the band’s records and putting them on the player. As I was listening and sketching, many images popped into my head, but for some reason the one that struck me was that of a lonely motel somewhere in the middle of nowhere at dusk. Maybe it was because the song From A Motel 6 (above) came on while I was sketching. Whatever the case, Motel Yo La Tengo became the theme. I even broke out of my square format constraint to create a more traditional-sized (18″x24″) poster. While I was at it, I gave it a bit of animation.

Animated Version

Motel Yo La Tengo Animated

This is mini-poster #11 out of 50. One every other day whenever I can get to it + a blog post about each. For a rundown on this project, go here. I’ve also created a Spotify playlist where I am adding tracks from each of the bands as I create their Mini-posters. Subscribe to it here. Follow me on Instagram to see occasional in-progress work on the mini-posters.