Here are some of the recordings to which I’ve contributed over the years.

cover art for Rock For The Rules Volume 3Rock For The Rules Volume 2

2013 |  A second charity compilation to benefit Rob & Leah Rule. Features several songs that I had a hand in. More here.



The Whirligigs Last CallThe Whirligigs / Last Call

2012 ~ BlueDisguise Records |  The Whirligigs long awaited release of recordings from the early nineties, with additional sparkle and instrumentation added in 2012.

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Rock for the RulesRock For The Rules

2012  |  I organized this charity compilation to help some friends of mine with medical expenses (learn more).  Crotch Rockets recorded Rob Rule Theme Song exclusively for the compilation,  and the Crossing Guards donated an outtake from Revenge of the Tallboys.



Crossing Guards Revenge Of The Tall-BoysCrossing Guards / Revenge of the Tallboys

2009 ~ Eclectone Records |  The Crossing Guards are Martin Devaney (vocals), Steve McPherson (guitar), Sean Hoffman (bass), Judd Hildreth (drums), and myself (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals).

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The Magnolias Better Late Than Never album coverThe Magnolias / Better Late Than Never

2007 ~ SMA Records |  An album of outtakes and live tracks from the last few years of the Magnolias. That’s me in the red pants.

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Mark Mallman The Devil And Middle C album coverMark Mallman / The Devil and Middle C

2006 ~ Badman Recordings |  I played a guitar solo on the opening track, Death Wish.

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John Ewing Augustin album cover artJohn Ewing / Augustine

2006 ~ Eclectone Records |  I played a bunch of stuff on this record: banjo, guitar, drums, piano, organ, backing vocals… John is one of the best songwriters in the Twin Cities and we’re lucky to have him here.




Jessy Greene Blue Sky album cover artJessy Greene / Blue Sky

2005 ~ Viovoom records |  I played in Jessy’s band for a year or two and played guitar for a couple of tracks on her debut solo record. Now she’s playing with the Foo Fighters!

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This One's For The Fellows album cover artEric Kassel & Friends / This One’s For The Fellows

2004 ~ Blue Disguise Records |  Tribute compilation to the Young Fresh Fellows. Me and my friends covered “How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?” for the record. We also did a version of “Family Gun”

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Mark Mallman Live At First Avenue Minneapolis album cover artMark Mallman / Live at First Avenue

2003 ~ Susstones |  I played keyboards at this show which was recorded live for Susstones.

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The Beatifics The Way We Never Were album cover artThe Beatifics / The Way We Never Were

2002 ~ The Bus Stop Label |  The Beatifics second full length record. I played guitar on a track or two, and sang some backing vocals.

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The Beatifics In The Meantime album cover artThe Beatifics / In The Meantime

2002 ~ The Bus Stop Label |  An E.P. teaser to tide folks over until the full record came out. I contributed enough opinions to receive a production credit.




The Magnolias Street Date TuesdayThe Magnolias / Street Date Tuesday

1996 ~ TRG |  I played lead guitar on all tracks, and sang lead on the track Sara The Driver, originally a Whirligigs song that I wrote in less time than it takes to play it.

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Whirligigs Jerkwater, IA singleThe Whirligigs / Jerkwater, IA 7″ single

1994 ~ Wet Dog Records |  The single for Jerkwater, IA, my paean to driving through the midwest. The b-side, “My Favorite Song”, is about washing cars during the day and seeing bands in bars at night.



Various Artists The Beat Or Not The Beat album cover art

The Whirligigs / The Beat Or Not The Beat

1993 ~ Zero Hour |  An Australian tribute to Paul Collins and The Beat. The Whirligigs covered the song “I Don’t Fit In”.

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