The Replacements – Dead Man’s Pop Promotional Video 3D, Design, Motion

Promotional video made for The Replacements’ release of the Dead Man’s Pop box set.

Little Man “BLVD” Music Video 3D, Design, Motion

I directed, shot, designed, and animated the music video and artwork for Little Man’s song “BLVD.”

DiscProfile Seasons Greetings Video
DiSC Holiday Animation 3D, Design, Motion

A 3D animation sent out to and customers and clients. DiSC is a behavior assessment tool which centers…

3M PPS Painter’s Story Video 3D, Design, Motion

Video to announce a new version of 3M’s Paint Preparation System (PPS) cups. Automotive painters LOVE this thing. The campaign…

Rhapsody Kids Preview Video still frame
Rhapsody Kids Preview Video 3D, Design, Motion

A sneak preview of Rhapsody Kids, a new feature in the Rhapsody iOS and Android apps geared towards kid-users.

Rhapsody – The Music You Love 3D, Design, Motion

A brand video created for Rhapsody.