International Clash Day Poster
International Clash Day 2019 Poster

Today is International Clash Day, celebrating “music as a tool for social consciousness, a band that made it sound so damn good, and an iconic record that still changes lives 40 years later.”

The iconic record is The Clash’s London Calling—one of my all-time faves—which turns 40 this year.

I was honored to be asked to design this poster for the event hosted by KEXP in London. Several artists contributed, and all of the posters were displayed in a gallery at the event (see the video below.)

The poster is a 2-color screen print on natural paper and was printed by Eric Carnell at Independence Printage in Seattle. It will be available on my webshop as soon as I have them in hand.

Here’s a little video tour of the event space which includes some footage of setting up the gallery. (Look for my poster at about 02:55.)