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We’re back! Twenty years after releasing our first cassette (yes, cassette!) we’re getting the band back together. Not only that, but we dug through all these boxes we found up in the attic, and inside we found some dusty old reel-to-reel tapes containing almost all of the original master recordings from our illustrious 4-year career. We had the analog tapes baked (they actually put them in an oven!) and transfered to digital. We then brought them into Pro Tools and put some new sparkle on the songs, including adding some new horn parts, pedal steel, shakers and such. We even recorded a “new” song from scratch, one that was written shortly before our untimely demise but never put down on tape. The recordings will finally see the light of day on shiny CDs, invisible downloads, and…wait for it…cold, hard vinyl! That’s right, we’re releasing a limited number of tried and true acetate discs for your listening pleasure.

The album is called “Last Call” and will be released on Blue Disguise Records. It features 11 hand-picked songs from the early recordings. The CD also includes 8 bonus tracks, including 4 songs from our very first demo and a live track from one of our last performances in 1995. You can stream and/or download a few songs below.


In this video, Kassel gives the low down on some of the recordings:

More videos here


To celebrate the release of Last Call, we’re playing a show on Saturday July 7th at the Turf Club.

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