#Design / Client Popular Front / Role UX Design, Graphic Designer

We set out to create a memorable online holiday greeting to Popular Front’s clients that differentiated our brand. We didn’t expected it to grow into a viral phenomenon, with over 12 million snowflakes created in the virtual winter wonderland to date.

Snowdays is a Flash-based snowflake-maker that creates a unique community online by allowing visitors to design their own flake, send it to friends, respond to each other, and print their flakes on physical greeting cards to send the old-fashioned way. With no traditional marketing support, the experience demonstrates how it’s possible to organically grow an avid community around a brand with the sharing of user-generated content and spontaneous social networking (like Twitter with snowflakes, long before Twitter was even a chirp in Biz Stone’s pants.) It’s also proven to be an evergreen experience, requiring almost no ongoing maintenance while “flakers” continue to make flakes by the thousands. It even inspired a fan site!

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