Talent Gear Brand & e-Commerce Website
#Design / Client PPSI/Talent Gear / Role Creative Director, UX Designer, Designer, Illustrator

Talent Gear is a initiative from Personality Profiles Solutions, Inc, a company that provides workplace training and team-building solutions like DiSC. For their new online storefront, they needed a site that looked upscale and professional, but not stuffy and corporate.

The client wanted the e-commerce website to not only be a place where their customers could easily purchase products, but also where they could learn how to use them in their organizations. The site is simply organized into two main sections: ‘Learn’ and ‘Shop.’  To accommodate the growing number of customers shopping on their phones, the responsive site was designed and developed to work as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

I designed the site architecture and the overall look & feel for the site, and directed the talented Peter Skwiot Smith on the design of the logotype. Done while at bswing.

Visit the site.