Tofte Project
#Design / Client Medora Woods / Role Creative Lead, UX Designer, Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Photographer, Animator

Popular Front was hired to help tell the complex story of an epic sustainable design project on the North Shore of Lake Superior in an effort to share information about the process, the lessons learned, and the methodologies around the topic of sustainable design in general.

We built an immersive tour of the Tofte cabin to give greater meaning to the concept of environmentally sustainable architecture. The site was conceived around the idea of connecting to and respecting all those touched by the architectural project—before, during, and after its construction.

The production features extensive interviews with key stakeholders and contributors, and allows the story of sustainable design to emerge through short, bite-sized content “modules” that allow the user to piece the story together in a non-linear way. Sprinkled throughout are simple interactive infographics that illustrate the concepts that are discussed. The intuitive design recognizes, anticipates, and serves content to the user based on what they appear to be interested in, providing users with “desired paths” for exploration and learning while enabling them to delve into content at their own pace. All of this combines to make the experience an active and engaging educational piece, in a way that traditional, passive media can’t.

The site gained significant public relations mentions for the architectural firm and its partners, winning numerous interactive industry and architectural industry awards. The site remains a timeless classic that has set the standard for conveying the principals and practice of sustainable design online.

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