What I’m doing /now…

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page movement. It's where I post what I'm currently working on, learning, reading, yadda yadda yadda.
Jan 11, 2021

/now working on:

  • Planning for 2021 and beyond

/now learning/practicing:

/now reading:

  • I have a goal of reading 40 books in 2021. That works out to 10 per quarter, and a little less than 1 per week.

Learn to Earn by Russ Harris

How To Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy

/now watching:

West Wing Season 5

/now listening to:

/now pondering:

“To storm the Capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices, and to threaten the safety of duly elected officials is not protest. It is insurrection. The world is watching—and like so many other Americans, I am shocked and saddened that our nation, so long a beacon of light, hope and democracy, has come to such a dark moment.”

– President-elect Joe Biden